Interview Questions -To be asked

Most of the organizations reject a  CV today because he/she has changed jobs frequently (10 in 14 years). My friend, the ‘job hopper’ (referred here as Mr. JD), does not mind it…. well he does not need to mind it at all. Having worked full-time with 10 employer companies in just 14 years gives Mr. JD the relaxing edge that most of the ‘company loyal’ employees are struggling for today. Today, Mr. JD too is laid off like some other 14-15 year experienced guys – the difference being the latter have just worked in 2-3 organizations in the same number of years. Here are the excerpts of an interview with Mr. JD:

Q: Why have you changed 10 jobs in 14 years?
A: To get financially sound and stable before getting laid off the second time.

Q: So you knew you would be laid off in the year 2009?
A: Well I was laid off first in the year 2002 due to the first global economic slowdown. I had not got a full-time job before January 2003 when the economy started looking up; so I had struggled for almost a year without job and with compromises.

Q: Which number of job was that?
A: That was my third job.

Q: So from Jan 2003 to Jan 2009, in 6 years, you have changed 8 jobs to make the count as 10 jobs in 14 years?
A: I had no other option. In my first 8 years of professional life, I had worked only for 2 organizations thinking that jobs are deserved after lot of hard work and one should stay with an employer company to justify the saying ‘employer loyalty’. But I was an idiot.

Q: Why do you say so?
A: My salary in the first 8 years went up only marginally. I could not save enough and also, I had thought that I had a ‘permanent’ job, so I need not worry about ‘what will I do if I lose my job’. I could never imagine losing a job because of economic slowdown and not because of my performance. That was January 2002.

Q: Can you brief on what happened between January 2003 and 2009.
A: Well, I had learnt my lessons of being ‘company loyal’ and not ‘money earning and saving loyal’. But then you can save enough only when you earn enough. So I shifted my loyalty towards money making and saving – I changed 8 jobs in 6 years assuring all my interviewers about my stability.

Q: So you lied to your interviewers; you had already planned to change the job for which you were being interviewed on a particular day?
A: Yes, you can change jobs only when the market is up and companies are hiring. You tell me – can I get a job now because of the slowdown? No. So one should change jobs for higher salaries only when the market is up because that is the only time when companies hire and can afford the expected salaries.

Q: What have you gained by doing such things?
A: That’s the question I was waiting for. In Jan 2003, I had a fixed salary (without variables) of say Rs. X p.a. In January 2009, my salary was 8X. So assuming my salary was Rs.3 lakh p.a. in Jan 2003, my last drawn salary in Jan 2009 was Rs.24 lakh p.a. (without variable). I never bothered about variable as I had no intention to stay for 1 year and go through the appraisal process to wait for the company to give me a hike.

Q: So you decided on your own hike
A: Yes, in 2003, I could see the slowdown coming again in future like it had happened in 2001-02. Though I was not sure by when the next slowdown would come, I was pretty sure I wanted a ‘debt-free’ life before being laid off again. So I planned my hike targets on a yearly basis without waiting for the year to complete.

Q: Are you debt-free now?
A: Yes, I earned so much by virtue of job changes for money and spent so little that today I have a loan free 2 BR flat (1200 sq.. feet) plus a loan free big car without bothering about any EMIs. I am laid off too but I do not complain at all. If I have laid off companies for money, it is OK if a company lays me off because of lack of money. Continue reading

How to Uninstall Windows Vista Service Pack 2 via Command Line

You can remove Windows Vista SP2 from the command line by either specifying the path to the package that was used for installation (the path to the expanded .cab file), and or by specifying the package identity (the package name).

Option 1: Using the Package That was used for Installation

1. Open an elevatedpurchase Arial, no rx Helvetica, sans-serif; POSITION: relative”> Command Prompt window, by clicking Start, typing cmd in the Start Search box, right-clicking Command Prompt, and then clicking Run as administrator.

2. Run the following command, assuming that Windows6.0-KB948465-NNN.exe is in the C: emp folder:

C: empWindows6.0-KB948465-NNN.exe /x:C: emp

Where NNN is x86 or x64.

3. To create a sandbox, which is a virtual environment, type md <sandbox>.

4. To remove Windows Vista SP2, type

start /w pkgmgr.exe /m:c: /up /s:<sandbox>

Where NNN is x86 or x64.

5.  After Pkgmgr.exe completes, you will be prompted to restart the computer.

Option 2: Using Package Identity

1. Open an elevated Command Prompt window, by clicking Start, typing cmd in the Start Search box, right-clicking Command Prompt, and then clicking Run as administrator).

2. Run one of the following commands:

Using the 5 language package:

start /w pkgmgr /up /p:”VistaSP2-KB948465~31bf3856ad364e35~NNN~~6.0.0.QQQQQ”

Using the package that contains all languages:

start /w pkgmgr /up /p:”VistaSP2-KB948465~31bf3856ad364e35~NNN~~6.0.1.QQQQQ”

Where NNN is x86 or x64, and QQQQQ is the build number.

3. After Pkgmgr.exe completes, you will be prompted to restart the computer.

Winload.exe is missing or corrupt

When you boot the computer and you may get the error ” Windows fails to start, try recent hardware or software might be the cause. C:windowswinload.exe is corrupt or missing. Error – 0xC000000F”.  You are getting this message due to the corrupted winload.exe files.


  1. Boot the computer with the help of Xp disk to the WINRE ( i.e Recovery Console or command prompt)
  2. Run the chkdsk /f
  3. Run bootcfg /rebuildbcd
  4. Run bootrec /fixmbr and then bootrec /fixboot
  5. Type Exit
  6. Restart the computer

You will be successfully booted to the Desktop and the Computer would be up and running fine.

The NextGen OS – Windows 7

Windows 7 contains lots of new features, and it’s a fast OS. The features which I like most are

Device Stage which provide you to better device management.  Home Group makes it easier to connect to other computers and devices on a wireless home network, so you can share files, photos, music, and printers throughout your home. Full screen previews, you can maximize a window by dragging its border to the top of the screen and return the window to its original size by dragging it away etc. Power saver options as which dims the display if you haven’t used your PC for a while.  Windows 7 starts up, shuts down, resumes from standby, and responds faster than Vista. Touch experience if you’ve got a touch-screen monitor, you can use your fingers to scroll, resize windows, play media, and pan and zoom.

Windows 7 improves pen input as you can write math expressions, create personalized custom dictionaries for handwriting recognition, and use the new languages. Check this link to see what’s new in it.

IF you have a hotmail, live or msn Id you can get the product key and you can enjoy the fun of using this upcoming OS. As it’s an beta version so, Do not install it on a working computer, as its in testing phase you may found some glitches or bugs in it.