Quick refesher – AD Commands

1>>List all Dc’s in the specified domain
NETDOM QUERY /D:mydomain.com dc

2>>List all fsmo role owner
NETDOM QUERY /D:mydomain.com FSMO

3>>List PDC in the specified domain

4>>List all member servers


5>>Determine Domain functional level

Get-QADObject -Identity “dc=fareis,dc=famisg,dc=net” -Properties * | Select msDS-Behavior-Version,ntMixedDomain

◦0 – Windows 2000 Native mode
◦1 – Windows Server 2003 Interim mode
◦2 – Windows Server 2003 mode
◦3 – Windows Server 2008 mode
◦4 – Windows Server 2008 R2 mode
◦5 – Windows Server 2012 mode
◦6 – Windows Server 2012 R2 mode

6>>List the groups a user is memberof
DSQUERY USER -samid loginname | DSGET USER -memberof -expand

7>>Logged on username
PSLOGGEDON -L \\remotecomputer or we can also use WMIC /Node:remotecomputer ComputerSystem Get UserName

8>>How many users are logged on/connected to a server?
Query session \\servername or PSEXEC \\servername NET SESSION | FIND /C “\\” or NET SESSION | FIND /C “\\”

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