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How do you feel when you cant get online?

How do you feel when you are not able to get online? You get some important mails and you are unable to check them, I think most of us feeling stressed, frustrated blah blah . Although we feel connected to the world just because of internet. I havent meet my friends from a long time, but we meet over the internet almost daily. Most of us do the same although some people spending more time online than with their family. Can you imagine a day without internet?  Simply I cant. We have become addicted to the web. 

It means we are suffering from Discomgoogolation. The word  derived from “Discombobulate” which means to confuse or frustrate and “Google” Feeling streesed or anxious at an inability to access internet.

As per a survey internet is more important in people’s life. Some people  paying more attention to the internet than their partner. What do you say?