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Sunny is so funny

Harvinder is as known as Sunny, HE is a chatter box. He always makes us laugh. Last night he called me around 0430am,when I was about to reach home.He said “he reached home one hour early since then he was roaming around in the street with dogs and playing with them, he called those dogs as MITTHU,Tommy and Jackie. The secrete behiend this is that he was not able to open the door of his house, although he do have the keys with him. So he called one of our friend Naresh who was on leave, he was out of the town to attend a marriage party, he was sleeping at that time,You can imagine the situation if someone calls you when you were sleeping.

Sunny decribed what kind of lock it was,he might help him out to open the door.Naresh did try to help sunny to the best as he interpreted and atlast he suggested him to call the watchman he might help him out. He didn’t find out the watchman,So far all in vain.He tried again to open the door still didn’t get any success. Actually, he recently shifted the house and this is the first time when he need to open the door from outside with the key.Last few days,either he or his room-mates open the door. This is the first time all of them were out of the house.Sunny was the first person to face this trouble.Sunny said that he would try again and wait for his brother who was in the office and his shift gets over at 0700 in the morning,he will try to come early.I said “okie then call me be back when you get into into the house.”

Sunny called me again at 0530, he was happy as he was in the house. Iasked him “how did he manage to get into the house”.He said his brother opened the door with the key, the only trouble was he was inserting the key the upside down.