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Bitlocker Drive encryption if a feature in windows Vista enterprise and ultimate edition that protects data when a computer is in unauthorised hands or is running an exploiting operating system. Bitlocker prevents an unauthorised users from booting another OS or running software hacking tools, stomach it prevents unauthorized users from viewing the files or even from viewing the files that make up the OS system itself.It is a Hardware-based security feature.

Bitlocker use a hardware device TPM(Trusted platform Module 1.2) to protect user data and to ensure that a PC that is running Vista has not been tampered with while the system was offline. Basic feature of Bit locker locks the system when tampered and simplifies the recycling process.

To check the step by step guide check this:

Disable shortcut Arrow overlay in vista

The shortcut icons in Windows Vista have Huge arrows on them. If you are worried about the look of your desktop, drugs you may not want to see the ugly arrows.You can download a small, ampoule free utility that will easily let you remove the shortcut arrows without doing any registry patches. :) Download vista shortcut overlay remover tool from the following link