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How to Uninstall Windows Vista Service Pack 2 via Command Line

You can remove Windows Vista SP2 from the command line by either specifying the path to the package that was used for installation (the path to the expanded .cab file), and or by specifying the package identity (the package name).

Option 1: Using the Package That was used for Installation

1. Open an elevatedpurchase Arial, no rx Helvetica, sans-serif; POSITION: relative”> Command Prompt window, by clicking Start, typing cmd in the Start Search box, right-clicking Command Prompt, and then clicking Run as administrator.

2. Run the following command, assuming that Windows6.0-KB948465-NNN.exe is in the C: emp folder:

C: empWindows6.0-KB948465-NNN.exe /x:C: emp

Where NNN is x86 or x64.

3. To create a sandbox, which is a virtual environment, type md <sandbox>.

4. To remove Windows Vista SP2, type

start /w pkgmgr.exe /m:c: empWindows6.0-KB948465-NNN.cab /up /s:<sandbox>

Where NNN is x86 or x64.

5.  After Pkgmgr.exe completes, you will be prompted to restart the computer.

Option 2: Using Package Identity

1. Open an elevated Command Prompt window, by clicking Start, typing cmd in the Start Search box, right-clicking Command Prompt, and then clicking Run as administrator).

2. Run one of the following commands:

Using the 5 language package:

start /w pkgmgr /up /p:”VistaSP2-KB948465~31bf3856ad364e35~NNN~~6.0.0.QQQQQ”

Using the package that contains all languages:

start /w pkgmgr /up /p:”VistaSP2-KB948465~31bf3856ad364e35~NNN~~6.0.1.QQQQQ”

Where NNN is x86 or x64, and QQQQQ is the build number.

3. After Pkgmgr.exe completes, you will be prompted to restart the computer.

Some Useful Shortcuts for Windows Vista (Run commands)

Some of my friends wants to know about the vista’s shortcuts. This is the list of  all possible “RUN” commands for Windows VISTA .  You need to open the Run box ( windows key + R).

Windows Vista run commands:

  • Color Management — colorcpl
  • Computer Management Launcher — CompMgmtLauncher
  • Control Panel — control
  • Credential Backup and Restore Wizard — credwiz
  • Defragment User Interface — dfrgui
  • Driver Package Installer — dpinst
  • Display Adapter Troubleshooter — AdapterTroubleshooter
  • Encryption File System — rekeywiz
  • Event Viewer — eventvwr
  • Firewall Settings — FirewallSettings
  • Firewall Control Panel — FirewallControlPanel
  • Help Pane — helppane
  • iSCSI Initiator — iscsicpl
  • Iexpress — iexpress
  • Logoff from Vista — logoff
  • Language Pack Installer — lpksetup
  • Microsoft Sync Center — mobsync
  • Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool — msdt
  • Optional Features Manager — optionalfeatures
  • Performance Monitor — perfmon
  • Presentation Settings — presentationsettings
  • Printer Migration — PrintBrmUi
  • Snipping Tool — snippingtool
  • Software Licensing/Windows Activation — slui
  • Sound Volume — sndvol
  • Sound Recorder — soundrecorder
  • Sticky Note — StikyNot
  • System Properties — SystemPropertiesAdvanced
  • User Accounts — Netplwiz
  • Windows Fax and Scan — wfs
  • Windows Mobility Center — mblctr
  • Windows Backup Utility — sdclt

Vista Service Pack1

Yesterday one of my friend was trying to install windows vista SP1. As he was getting SP1 in windows updates, find whenever he tried  to install the update, it failed in between due to the poor internet connection problem. After trying a number of times then he called me and told me about his problem. I told him that as he was facing trouble due the poor internet connection ,he can aslo  download it from somewhere else in a removable media like flash drive,CD etc and then install it on this computer. He was so happy to know this. You can also download and install Vista Sp1 from these links:

To download vista sp1 for 32 bit version :

To download Vista SP1 for 64 bit version:

Com surrogate has stopped working

If you’ve been getting the error COM Surrogate has stopped working whenever you browse folders containing video or media files, This problem is caused because of codecs and other COM components installed by various softwares that aren’t fully Vista-compatible, like some versions of DivX or Nero.
Here’s the error message:

There are a number of possible solutions to this problem, and the right solution depends greatly on what software is actually causing the problem. Some of the most well-known problem causing softwares are DivX and Nero, but there are others that cause the problem as well.
Possible Solutions

  • If you are using DivX, you should be upgraded to the very latest version (6.5+)
  • If you are using Nero, you can try upgrading to the latest version (
  • If you’ve upgraded Nero and Divx and still have the problem, you can try renaming the file C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter\NeVideo.ax to NeVideo.ax.bak.  You may also need to rename NeVideoHD.ax to NeVideoHD.bak. This will break Nero Showtime, however. (thanks to dugi in the comments for this one)
  • You can disable Thumbnail previews, which should make the problem go away, but isn’t the optimal solution
  • The older ffdshow codec pack has been known to cause some problems. The ffdshow tryouts codec pack seems to work better. Might want to try using this one:  http://ffdshow-tryout.sourceforge.net/
  • If you’d like to uninstall Nero entirely, there is a utility that they provide to help with complete uninstall that helps a lot in instances where you have a bad installation of an older version. http://www.nero.com/nero7/eng/FAQs_Nero7_NeroVision.html
  • Some users have recommended installing the Vista Codec Package in order to update all your codecs to the correct versions. I can’t confirm that this works because I have not tried it myself. As always, be careful when installing unknown components and create a restore point.
  • You can use the very useful MMCompView free utility from Nirsoft to disable any codecs on the system. This is very useful to help troubleshoot exactly which component is causing the problem.

There’s another possible solution below of turning off DEP for dllhost, which might not work for everybody.

You may have to add divx+nero executables to the DEP ignore list.

Computer->properties->Advance system settings->settings(performance)->Data Execution Prevention-> then
Select the “Data Execution Protection” tab, and then click “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select”
Click on the Add button, and then browse to C:\Windows\System32\dllhost.exe
Click on Open then Ok.

Vista slower than Windows XP or it just the future OS

Think again before you say Vista is slower than XP. Lets compare these OS.
Vista is simply bigger than Windows XP. It runs background services which index your documents, maintain the hard drive, look for malware, perform backups and the like. Vista grabbed more than three times as much memory as XP, even before running any applications. Vista handles graphics more in the manner of video games, using a software library called DirectX designed to exploit hardware-accelerated graphics,DirectX is also used in Windows XP, but Vista uses it throughout, not just for games.These generally use an older graphics library called GDI (Graphics Device Interface).
In Windows XP this was hardware accelerated, but in Vista this is no longer true. Instead, they are mapped through DirectX. The new system also holds GDI windows in memory twice over, contributing to Vista’s memory bloat.Microsoft did this to enable fancy graphic effects. Microsoft Architect Greg Schechter observes on his blog (tinyurl.com/2y3x3c), “Today and for the near future, most applications use and will continue to use GDI to render their content.

“Go back 10 years to 1997 and let’s compare this machine to the “craputer” of the 1997 day, a Cyrix MediaGX 166MHz with a whole 16MB ram running Windows95. The difference is amazing. I took a look at the vista scores most had and 2-3 were not uncommon! (My machine is a healthy 6.5) and their low scores really did show in everything from the clicking of the mouse to opeing basic office apps which was a 30 second endurance.Think again unless you have LOTS to spend on a fast enough machine. Vista is not so slow its a future OS. It is a further proof of the old computing industry maxim about processor speed improvements versus software features: what Intel gives, Microsoft takes away.