Winload.exe is missing or corrupt

by Jyoti on May 16, 2009

When you boot the computer and you may get the error ” Windows fails to start, recent hardware or software might be the cause. C:\windows\winload.exe is corrupt or missing. Error – 0xC000000F”.  You are getting this message due to the corrupted winload.exe files.


  1. Boot the computer with the help of Xp disk to the WINRE ( i.e Recovery Console or command prompt)
  2. Run the chkdsk /f
  3. Run bootcfg /rebuildbcd
  4. Run bootrec /fixmbr and then bootrec /fixboot
  5. Type Exit
  6. Restart the computer

You will be successfully booted to the Desktop and the Computer would be up and running fine.

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